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Maintenance For Outdoor Landscape Lighting Packages

One Size Does Not fit all

Divine Lightscapes will work with you to develop a maintenance plan based on your unique needs, usage and situation. We offer maintenance programs, based on usage to replace bulbs and maintain your system. Maintenance packages can be scheduled once a year, once every two years or once every three years- whatever is best for you!

Service Call Work on ALL Existing Systems

Lighting Design Experts

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will utilize our extensive training and expertise to create a visual composition which best suits your needs.
Free Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

We will be pleased to provide a complete demonstration at no cost or obligation to you. Let us show you at your home, how we can create a whole new environment for year-round enjoyment. We will show up at you home about 30 minutes before dark and set up lighting that would best enhance the beauty of your home. Once its completely dark we will invite you out to view your home in a new light..

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