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  • Divine Lightscapes is a family-owned and operated business that provides expert outdoor landscape lighting services for properties in Lake Wylie.
  • At our family-owned business, we commit ourselves to offering you exceptional outdoor lighting solutions for your homes and landscapes.
  • With over three decades of experience, We have been installing outdoor lighting for Lake Wylie residents to improve security and highlight their living spaces.
  • We promise long-term savings by getting it right the first time with our quality-installed Lightscapes.

Divine Lightscapes is the ultimate choice for Lake Wylie’s outdoor landscape lighting needs.

  • Their expertise in utilizing outdoor LED and low-voltage landscape lights ensures an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution.
  • With a commitment to offering the finest LED outdoor lights and a dedication to enhancing outdoor lighting perspectives, they transform ordinary spaces into captivating, well-lit environments.
  • From deck lighting ideas to illuminating pathways, their range of outdoor lights, LED, and landscape lighting ideas is unmatched.
  • In terms of their specialty, they excel in offering exterior house lights and uplights for trees. By doing so, they help create a visually stunning, inviting, and eco-conscious garden.
  • They are experts in outdoor lighting solutions, including LED and low-voltage landscape lights.
  • Moreover, enchanting outdoor tree lights are also available in addition to enhancing the beauty of your landscape.
  • By utilizing these lights, you can not only create a visually appealing atmosphere but also an eco-conscious one during the evening.

The team at Divine Lightscapes understands the significance of LED outdoor lighting, which beautifies and ensures energy efficiency.

  • Pathway lighting, an essential part of outdoor landscaping, is designed to guide your way elegantly.
  • They deeply understand exterior lighting, be it illuminating your home’s facade with outdoor house lighting, highlighting architectural features with soffit lighting, or accentuating trees and plants with uplighting.
  • Deck lighting ideas and decking lights are among their specialties, enabling you to maximize the utility of your outdoor living spaces and making them perfect for entertaining or simply appreciating your surroundings.
  • Furthermore, with low-voltage and LED lights, you can be assured that your entire property will be bathed in a warm glow.
  • Divine Lightscapes provides solutions for outdoor deck and backyard lighting.
  • Their dedication to delivering the finest outdoor landscape lighting sets them apart.
  • Divine Lightscapes transforms outdoor spaces with functional, inviting, and beautiful lighting.

The Future of Outdoor Lighting

  • At Divine Lightscapes, we bring the future of outdoor landscape lighting to your doorstep.
  • We do low-voltage landscape lighting that’s cost-effective.
  • Our uplighting techniques create dramatic effects that turn your landscape into art.
  • Outdoor house lighting is more than an illumination; it’s a statement of elegance.
  • Soffit lighting highlights architectural features, while landscape lighting low voltage systems ensure that your property stays green in more ways than one.
  • With our expertise, LED outdoor lighting becomes integral to your landscape design. Backyard lighting ideas come to life, creating a haven to enjoy long into the night.

Illuminate Your World with Divine Lightscapes

Our mission is to turn your property into a masterpiece. Whether you seek outdoor deck lighting, pathway lighting, or exterior lighting, Divine Lightscapes is your trusted partner.

In a world where out door lighting is not just a need but an art form, let us be the artists who paint your landscape with light. Let’s illuminate your world together.

Illuminating Your World. One Light at a Time.

Try our Free Lighting Demonstrations and "See your HOME in a NEW LIGHT."

We will come out to your home at NIGHT set up lights for your viewing to create a custom Outdoor Lighting System that works for your needs. The morning following your Demonstration you will receive a detailed estimate for your Custom Outdoor Lighting System.

Why Divine Lightscapes?

With over a decade of family-owned dedication, we proudly stand as your trusted partner for outdoor lighting Charlotte NC. With our track record of success, unwavering commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction, we emerge as the indisputable frontrunner to illuminate your spaces and transform your aspirations into reality. Our creative experts blend technical skills with artistic vision to develop solutions to illuminate and enhance outdoor spaces. From concept to installation, we offer a comprehensive, hassle-free experience.

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