Free Outdoor Lighting Demonstrations

We will come out to your home at NIGHT, set up lights for your viewing, and create a custom Outdoor Lighting System that works for your needs. The morning following your Demonstration you will receive a detailed estimate for your Custom Outdoor Lighting System.

Illuminating Your World. One Light at a Time.

At Divine Lightscapes, we proudly share that every picture you see is of our design and installation. We don’t use stock photos like many others in our field. Instead, we showcase our work’s true quality and creativity through authentic images of our actual projects.”

Visualize Your Dream with Divine Lightscapes

These demos are not just about showing you the possibilities but immersing you in an experience that inspires you. Let’s explore how Divine Lightscapes can illuminate the potential of your outdoor space.

Our commitment at Divine Lightscapes is to help you visualize your dream before you make it a reality. Our free lighting demonstrations bring the showroom to your home, letting you see, feel, and experience the transformation first-hand.

These demonstrations are designed to help you make a well-informed investment. You’ll clearly understand the costs and benefits, ensuring that your decision to light up your outdoor space is both satisfying and budget-friendly.

Free Light Demonstrations

Let's explore how Divine Lightscapes can illuminate your world

Tailored Demonstrations in Your Space

We come out to your home at NIGHT and set up a personalized viewing experience. We bring various lighting setups to your house, garden, deck, or backyard, allowing you to see how our lights interact with your unique outdoor environment.

Expert Guidance and Creative Insights

Our Family is there to guide you every step of the way. We offer insights on enhancing your space’s aesthetic appeal while focusing on functionality. Our 30 + years of expertise ground our guidance in creating cozy nooks and highlighting architectural features.

A Selection of Lighting Styles

Divine Lightscapes offers an array of lighting styles. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of path lights, deck lighting, or the drama of spotlights, our demonstration allows you to experiment with different styles to find your perfect match.

Safety and Security with Style

Safety doesn’t have to be boring. Our demonstrations will show how adequate lighting can provide security while adding beauty to your home. Experience how well-placed lights illuminate paths, deter intruders and create a safe outdoor environment.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Solutions

With Divine Lightscapes, sustainability is a priority. Our demonstrations feature the latest energy-efficient lighting, such as LED options, helping you make an environmentally responsible choice without sacrificing style or quality.

Customization at Its Finest

Your home is unique, and your lighting should be too. Our demonstrations reveal a world of customization of smart, programmable systems. Discover how to tailor your outdoor lighting to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Let Divine Lightscapes Illuminate Your Night

We aim to bring your outdoor lighting dreams to life at Divine Lightscapes. Our free outdoor lighting demonstrations are the first step in transforming your space into a radiant nightscape. So, why wait? Contact us today to schedule your personalized nighttime lighting demonstration and let Divine Lightscapes brighten your nights with an unforgettable magic touch!