Outdoor Lighting For Pool Area

As a comprehensive solution for Pool Area Lighting, we not only provide energy-efficient and long-lasting pool light installation services, but we also use high-quality LED lights and products that are designed to be both functional and visually stunning.

Pool Area Lighting Solutions

Firstly, creating the perfect lighting around your pool area combines art and science. Regarding the former, I would say the proper pool area lighting is crucial. Most importantly, your pool area can become a beautiful and practical outdoor space with different lighting options. Most importantly, It will be perfect for relaxing swims or fun parties.

Illuminating Efficiency with LED Lights

The marvel of LED lights has revolutionized outdoor lighting. Above all, LED lights are an excellent choice for lighting as they offer energy efficiency, and their longevity makes them a top choice for outdoor lighting. Additionally, these lights come in various colors, allowing you to choose the perfect ambiance for any area.

Safety and Elegance with Pool Deck Lighting

Most importantly, lighting is an excellent way to enhance the safety and elegant appeal of your swimming pool. Lastly, by adding Recessed ground lights and LED strips along the pool’s edge or the deck’s surface can help prevent accidents. They also provide an elegant look to the area.

Superior LED Technology

At Divine Lightscapes we only use top-quality LED technology in our installs


All our fixtures and lights are highly energy efficient, saving you money over time

Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LEDs can be programmed to fit custom schedules and scenes

Solid Cast Brass

Solid construction paired with a limited lifetime warranty for long-life

Pool Area Lighting options:

Water Features in the Spotlight

In addition to the stunning visual effects, incorporating water features like waterfalls, fountains, and ponds can transform your pool area into a tropical paradise. With proper lighting, these features can become an even more breathtaking focal point after sunset. Consider exploring submersible LED lights and outdoor fixtures that cast enchanting reflections across the pool’s surface.

Beachy Vibes with Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches can help create a welcoming atmosphere by the pool, which is ideal for parties. They add that cozy, beachy feel and are perfect for a laid-back and tropical ambiance.

Accent Lights to Enhance

Enhance the experience of your pool area, accent lights can add a pop of color and a touch of elegance. Furthermore, these lights are available in various colors and styles, enabling you to choose the perfect atmosphere for your pool area. Additionally, you may want to consider lighting fixtures to add warmth and charm to your area.

Why Choose Divine Lightscapes for your Pool Area Lighting?

Family-owned with 30+ years of Experience

We are driven by expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Our proven track record in creating mesmerizing outdoor lighting for pool areas and combined creativity of our team is a win-win for your outdoor lighting needs.

We are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and preferences, which allows us to create a personalized lighting plan that perfectly suits your outdoor pool area. Furthermore, We continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in outdoor lighting, offering the latest technologies and trends.

5-Star Rated Lighting Professionals

With Divine Lightscapes, you are not just getting a lighting provider, you’re getting a 5-star rated partner dedicated to crafting a captivating, safe, and energy-efficient experience.  Most importantly, this transformation turns your area into an enchanting outdoor haven that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Your poolside paradise deserves the best.

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