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Divine Lightscapes, we’re your source for outdoor lighting services and solutions that add a touch of enchantment to your home and its surroundings.

Illuminating Your World. One Light at a Time.

At Divine Lightscapes, we proudly share that every picture you see is of our design and installation. We don’t use stock photos like many others in our field. Instead, we showcase our work’s true quality and creativity through authentic images of our actual projects.”

Outdoor Lighting Services We Provide

With over 30 years of expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of outdoor lighting services that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes.

Exterior Outdoor Uplighting at Night

Architectural Lighting

Blending Functionality & Aesthetics

Imagine how amazing it is to use those cool lighting setups to make your home’s unique features pop! With the right lighting fixtures, you can showcase them and create a warm, inviting vibe that wraps you up in coziness.

Landscape Lighting

We Design, Install, and Warranty

We know a lot about designing landscape lighting, and we’re excited about helping you transform your outdoor space into something truly incredible.  Our main goal is to make your landscaping look beautiful and create a well-lit space that makes you feel safe and cozy with your family.

Landscape Lighting Repairs & Maintenance

Security Lighting

Ward off Home Intruders

Our family will work closely with you to understand your security needs and create a personalized security lighting solution just for you. You can trust our security lighting systems to make your property look great and keep you safe from intruders.

Pool Area Lighting

Dive into Radiant Waters

Our LED lights are great! They save energy, last a long time, and look fantastic. You can pick the best lighting design to match your pool’s special features and create a beautiful atmosphere. Whether you’re having a party at night or just relaxing by the pool, our pool lighting Charlotte NC services will make sure you can swim safely.

pool area lighting
Pathway Lighting Services

Pathway Lighting

Guiding Your Way with Grace and Purpose

Our pathway lighting services are not like the usual ones because we make your walkways captivating with beautiful light trails. Every light we carefully install will guide you to your outdoor spaces, serving its purpose and adding a touch of elegance to your daily walks.

Dock & Deck Lighting

Elevating Waterside Evenings

You can extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening with our deck and dock lighting solutions. Our installations provide ample illumination for your waterfront spaces and craft a relaxing atmosphere that transforms your deck or dock into a sophisticated and memorable outdoor space.

Dock & Deck Lighting Installations
Outdoor Uplighting services

Outdoor Uplighting

Enhancing Your Space with Artful Ambiance

Uplighting is the art of casting a warm and inviting glow upwards, accentuating architectural features, trees, or any focal points in your outdoor space. With our outdoor uplighting services, your surroundings will give more depth and a touch of enchantment, creating a visually stunning and immersive atmosphere that enhances the overall appeal of your environment.

Lighting Repairs & Maintenance

Restoring the Brilliance to Your Outdoor Spaces

We’re here to help you with everything related to your lights. Whether it’s routine inspections or fixing electrical problems, we want your lights to be always in great shape. Our family will take care of every aspect of your lighting system so you can enjoy the beauty and ambiance it brings to your surroundings. Trust us to provide comprehensive maintenance services for your outdoor lighting lighting needs.

Landscape Lighting

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